Our Story

Scratch Copywriting consists of two writers who studied English at the University of Cincinnati and then married in 2016. Teamwork truly does make the dream work.



Hannah Krafka


Hannah published her first novel at the age of seven. The five-page epic consisted mostly of stickers and staples but sparked an undying passion for storytelling. She attended the University of Cincinnati to earn a B.A. in Rhetoric and Professional Writing and built a career creating content in industries including financial services, healthcare, manufacturing, and not-for-profit.

Dayton American Advertising Federation recognized Hannah with Hermes awards for her leadership role in St. Vincent de Paul’s 2015 Annual Report and 2016 Marketing Campaign, “Give Hope.”

She channels her zeal for crafting compelling messages to shine on any platform. From digital to print, she gets a kick out of watching followers, readers, and retweets convert to inquiries, clients, and customers.

Vice President

Oliver Krafka


Whether it’s carefully choosing the right words or concocting them into clear and concise sentences,  Oliver is happiest when holding a pencil to paper.

As a writer and editor at Scratch Copywriting, Oliver uses his boundless creativity and eye for language to assist a wide range of clients with website copy, resumes, and print pieces. He attended the University of Cincinnati to earn a B.A. in Creative Writing and now works alongside Hannah. Focusing on proofreading, he relishes every opportunity to analyze and deconstruct a piece of writing, building a leaner, more deft product.

For Oliver, writing is first and foremost a creative process, connecting people not only through the words they use but by how they use them.